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T/F  J/P  and culture - Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving

About T/F  J/P  and culture

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I thought that some other feelers would find this interesting:

I'm reading for my Sociology of Minority Groups class, in "Strangers To These Shores" in the section "Is there a white culture?"

It reads:

...For example, says Jeff Hitchcock in Unraveling the White Cocoon, in black culture feelings are given precedence over sensibilities.  He explains that when a feeling comes on a person, black culture says it is appropriate to express it, but white culture "works hard to keep the volume down, lest we all go crazy from the demands we place on each other's capacity for self-control.  Experience in the culture helps.  We learn how to not step on toes, hurt other people's 'feelings,' to not make a scene and all the other little social rules and practices of a lifetime.  We rein it in, and trade spontaneity... for an orderly demeanor and generally predictable and controlled everyday existence."

Have any of you perceived the difference of acceptance of Thinkers/Feelers in different cultures?  In addition, it also seems to mention the dominant US culture emphasizes Judging as well as Thinking (as many of us has discussed living in an ESTJ world.) 
What do you think?  Is this a reasonable statement to make?

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