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Extroverted Introvert Nov. 7th, 2005 @ 12:26 am
Newbie alert.

I am a strange person, really. An extroverted introvert. Sometimes I score as enfp, or infp, depending on the questions. See, I like people, but not all the time. The more I see people, the more I want to be around them, but the less I see them, the more of a loner I become. But after interacting with people in one time for too long, I do get tired, and I need a little break. I like attention too. I love being with a big group of people, as selfish as this may sound, if they are talking to me, or including me. I hate it, if I am being exluded. That makes me really anxious. I hate being in a crowd of strangers for the same reason. But a lot of this changes with my mood... sometimes I just want to turn invisible.
I like both a few close friends AND lots of aquantences. Just people to get along with well at uni and work, but I prefer to socialise with close friends. I think I'd get nervous if I went clubbing with aquantences, and no close friends, unless I'm feeling quiet good that night.

Well, that's a bit about me. Well, that part of me which is an extroverted introvert.

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summer Jun. 4th, 2005 @ 08:50 pm
How do ENFPs spend their summers?

JOIN! WHILEITLASTED Jun. 2nd, 2005 @ 06:48 pm
Me and A_MS_STORY have created a new community for ENFP/INFP people. It isn't fully done yet, but please join!...it's only the two of us :'(

link -------->> http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=whileitlasted

yeah....yea.....it's me again May. 29th, 2005 @ 04:27 pm

I may be some hyper teen age girl but this community is boring!!

I might start my own community...but not sure if enough ENFP/INFPs would join....any one think thats a good idea?

I hate dead communities!
Current Mood: bouncybored...yeah!!!

Just so you all know what happened... May. 24th, 2005 @ 07:04 am
What I emailed him: "I wanted to apologize for the comments that I made. I am sorry, I
know I'm not supposed to contact you either, so I am sorry for this
email too."

His reply: "shut up. leave me alone. never talk to me again. i dont care what happens to you now that you are out of my life so leave me the hell alone and get over our relationship. god dammit woman. stop bothering me."

Does anyone cover up their sad/unwanted feelings with anger and hate? Because I am feelings aweful mean right now...

~I am more familiar with the Myer-Briggs personalitly types, I am not sure how the other ones vary, and what they say and all that..
Current Mood: angryangry
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» ...gah..!
Ok, I don't really have anyone to tell this too - and I figure this is a community of people like me , why not tell them...even if they don't read/update this thing...

I broke up with my boyfriend (INTJ) May 4...it was mutual and he didn't want to be friends for a while because it was emotionally hard, he said "later on in life he would like to be friends" like May 12 I made a rude comment on my journal (i didn't know he was still reading it) and he decided he never wanted to talk to me again, ever...Today I emailed him to apologize (better late than never...right?) but I am nervous that he will email me back and say somthing mean...

I feel angry that after almost 2 years of going out me saying something could make him so angry he never wanted to talk to me again - but I should have known not to say it...but I'm an ENFP im all "I can say whats on my mind" and that sort of attitude...I still cry over him sometimes, and I still think he is "the only guy who I will ever love" and now I just miss him... gah stupid people
» Hey All...
I am new, 16 (today is my birthday)... ENFP by myer briggs type indicater. I recently broke up with my boyfriend (INTJ)...so I can relate to the post below about never cleaning my room...my boyfriend was a clean freak!! HAHA, he hates my room. This community seems quite dead as of the moment, I hope it livens up because I really would like to meet some people and talk and all that goodness.
» Intro and a question
Hey everyone,

This is just your average first post, I guess. I'm a very strong ENFP and basically everything I do is typical of the ENFP profile... I have a twin sister who's an INFP and she's the person I get along with best in the world (relating to the post beneath me).

Okay, I've just got a question for all of you other ENFPs: Do you find that doing menial jobs (for example, cleaning up) or working on something that doesn't interest you (maths, science for instance) is really, REALLY hard? Like, other people can force themselves to get these jobs out of the way, but you just can't really do it? But if it's something you're really interested in, then it's no trouble at all. So if you're at school (which I am) and you know you have to work hard so you can get into university, but the things you have to do are just so uninteresting that, even though you know it's absolutely necessary, you find it excrutiatingly difficult to do it, because you don't see the point? This happens to me so much that I'm starting to get worried. My parents thing I'm lazy and directionless, but they don't realise how hard it is...

So yeah, does that happen to any of you other too?
» Introverts and ENFP
Hi and hello! Just joined the group and waving with two arms to everyone in the group.
ENFP, ADHD, and just recently discovered LiveJournal, the adventure begins.. :)

So for my first post, something I was just thinking about.
I guess ENFP's are the most ambiverted persons on the planet.
I can be introverted for sometime and basically find people boring to be with (sometimes that's because of the attention span of the ENFP wich makes talking to one person for a long time boring, but sometimes I just feel antisocial with no reason), but I find introverts most attractive, especially INFPs. Altho partying with ESFP's and ENFP's is great.
But INFP's and ISFP's in general have that gloomy aura around them, sort of a mystery. My girlfriend has that :o)

I think that Angelina Jolie has that a little (bet she's an ISFP), and Johnny Depp is famous for that. His choice of roles really suits that. I guess he's either an INFP or INFJ (an INFP would eventually more than just acting, plus he's really into the simple life wich is ISFP/INFJ).

Well, say hello to my first post *proud smile.
» (No Subject)
Hello~! My name is Moka, I'm 17, perhaps someone has spotted me at a yahoo group.
I'm new at this community, just joined, fresh off the press and everything.

Anyway, I was watching "A Beautiful Mind" with Russel Crowe the other day in Health... I loved it. That movie is like an NF paradise in many ways, lol.

What do you think Alicia Nash casts as?
I think she's ENFX...
My main reason for thinking so, is how she was attracted to John Nash in the first place.
Some people say that Alica and John's relationship is unrealistic, but this makes perfect sense to me as I am an ENFP, and NFs are drawn to NTs.
And she is the one who approached him, she's most likely an E.

What are your thoughts?
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